WSOP Highlights

Millions of people around the world enjoy playing Texas Hold’em poker; this can be with family or friends with a few drinks for fun. Or, for many people it is a way of earning money by playing for real money online at sites like Poker is taken so seriously by so many because of the level of skill involved in both working out the odds behind what cards will come up next, and also in reading other people in order to know if you should stay in or fold. This exciting game with many twists and turns throughout has led to a massive amount of people also watching events on television, with many of the winners becoming celebrities themselves.

One of the most popular events of the year is always the World Series of Poker, with over six thousand people entering this year alone - creating a huge prize pool of over sixty-two million dollars. The event started on July 7th with the last 666 people remaining getting in the prize pool and the final nine guaranteed over seven hundred thousand dollars. The final table was played on October 29th with the overall winner being Greg Merson. This was Greg’s first WSOP win,here you can find recommended list of new casinos, he received over eight and a half million dollars; a hard-fought battle especially with him coming into the final three with a major chip disadvantage.

This was not the only event from the WSOP this year, in fact there was a total of sixty-one events. The biggest by far in terms of money was The Big One for One Drop event where each of the forty eight competitors bought into the tournament for a massive one million dollars. From this buy-in, $111,111 of each million dollars was given to the One Drop foundation. The tournament was won by Antonio Esfandiari with a prize of over eighteen million dollars - also breaking the record for the largest prize in poker history.

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