The Balancing Act of Live and Online Poker

A lion and a tiger can mate and the outcome is known as a Liger. They are able to mate because they come from the same species. But look at each of them as they stand side-by-side and you will see that they are two very different beasts.

Live and online poker is the same. They are the same species, and therefore have a myriad of common traits. But there are still plenty of differences that make each of them unique in their own right.

If you potter around in both of these fields, then you need to learn to balance the two games. If you were Worzel Gummidge you would have a separate head for both. Although each form of poker shares the same fundamental betting principles, each comes equipped with its own set of nuances.

Take the online realm for example, where if you are a mass multi-tabler, then you may be playing anywhere up to 24-tables at any one time. Your decisions are being made automatically and you don’t have time to think. Now transport yourself into the live realm. You have one table and the only thing to consider is when your coffee is going to arrive. You have gone from the world of automatic decisions to the world of the mundane, and often very boring. If you don’t acclimatise the results can be deadly.

If you plan to play in a live event, then wean yourself off the online poker during the build up. Take some time off, or better still, play some live poker. This way you can get into the swing of things. If you are coming off a live poker session then start your online session gently. Load up tables at a much slower pace to give yourself time to bed-in.


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