Red Star 1000-Piece Tournament Edition Poker Chip Set


Product Features

* Tournament-edition poker chip set stored in heavy-duty acrylic carrying case
* Includes 1,000 high-quality clay poker chips in assorted denominations
* Offers 100 white, 300 red, 300 green, 200 black, and 100 purple chips
* Chips are true casino size and weight, with coin-centered, 2-tone design
* Comes with 5 stackable chip cradles and laminated Red Star rules card Product Description

Whether you're hosting a regular poker game or simply need more chips, the Tournament 1000 chip set from Red Star Traders makes a terrific investment. The Tournament 1000 starts with a heavy-duty acrylic carrying case that makes it easy to stack and store your chips and cradles. More significantly, the case comes with 1,000 high-quality clay poker chips in assorted denominations, letting you organize poker tournaments of up to 16 players ore more. Unlike generic poker chips, these chips are true casino size and weight--just like the ones used in game rooms and poker tournaments--with a coin-centered, two-tone embossed design. Because the chips are of the highest quality, they deliver a more enjoyable playing experience than cheap, bargain-basement chips. Among the denominations are 100 white, 300 red, 300 green, 200 black, and 100 purple chips, all stored in a series of five stackable chip cradles. As a bonus, the set include a laminated Red Star rules card that outlines the basics of tournament play.

What's in the Box

Acrylic carrying case, five chip trays, 100 white chips, 300 red chips, 300 green chips, 200 black chips, 100 purple chips, tournament rules card.

 Product Description

Hosting a regular poker game, or need more chips? The Tournament 1000 PC Clay chip set is perfect for serious players, amateurs learning tournament play and those that host a regular game. This set has everything you need to support up to 16 players or more. The Tournament 1000 comes with 1000 quality, 11.5gm Clay poker chips in assorted standard denominations. Chips are casino size (40mm) and weight and are soft to the touch, just like in real card houses. Chips are clay filled with embossed suited design. Chips are cradled in 100 pc acrylic trays that make it easier to distribute chips to players. All trays stack and store neatly in the acrylic carry case with handle. Laminated tournament rules card is included.

 # Product Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 33 inches ; 18 pounds


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