Online is a great place for poker newbies

It used to be that in order to play poker, you’d either need to go to a casino, or know about a game in the area that you were able to join. For many people, neither of these options was available, so it would be pretty difficult to find a poker game to play. These days, the number of places you can play poker online is enormous. There’s no need to find a specific poker site, as all the main casinos also offer poker games and tournaments too.

You’ll find a fantastic choice of poker games to play at the online casino. Even if you’re a beginner, there are games to suit your playing level. In fact, when you sign up at 32 Red, you’ll get free entry to six freeroll tournaments, where you can play for nothing for a guaranteed £500 jackpot. During the first six weeks of your membership, you’ll be invited to join the weekly freeroll; just make sure to book your place early.

As well as the freerolls, new players can also join the New Player Turbo specials, where for the price of $1, you get to play in a tournament where 32 Red adds a $500 prize pool. It’s a great way for poker newbies to join a high-value game straight-off. Playing at these kinds of tournaments is a great way to learn the intricacies of playing poker, as everyone playing will take the game seriously, but you don’t stand to lose anything in the process.

And as the games are only open to new players, there’s less danger of you being tricked into folding too early or raising your bet too quickly by a more experienced player. Playing at the freerolls and new player tournaments can be invaluable for improving your poker playing strategies.

You might think that it’s best to play at a number of sites in order to take advantage of freeroll play on other sites, and this can be a good tactic. But once you’ve played on a few different sites, and taken advantage of the new player promotions on offer, it makes sense to play consistently at one particular site. This way you can earn loyalty points, or rakeback, depending on the site you choose.

At 32 Red, every player gets 30% rakeback on every game that they play. For each dollar you pay in tournament fees (rake) on sit & go tournaments, cash tables or scheduled tournaments you will earn Redbacks (the 32 Red name for loyalty points). When you accumulate enough of these you can convert them into real money chips at a rate of 100 Redbacks to $1.

All you need to do to play poker at 32 Red is download the casino software and you can be playing within minutes – give it a go today!

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