People Everywhere Have Been Touched By The Poker Bug

Excitement is the number one reason that people everywhere, are joining in on the poker phenomenon in live and online casino.  It is all about the rush that you get from looking at a great hand that is staring back at you.  The slots are nothing comparing to this. Your heart is racing by the time that you get those magical cards that are thrown across the table at you by the dealer.  Everyone dreams of turning those cards over, and revealing a pair of aces.  This hand is called many different names in the world of poker, but to players it is the feeling of pure ecstasy that matters.  When you see the big slick in your hand, you can barely contain your joy.  After the dust settles, you will have to decide how you are going to proceed with this wonderful hand that you have been lucky enough to get.

Top hands

In all actuality there are two hands that top all others.  They are the paired aces, and the paired kings.  If you draw the big slick, or the cowboys, you have to know what comes next.  If you do not make the right choice here, then you will tank you whole hand.  They are only great if you can use them to win.  If I was to get either of these hands, the last thing that I would consider doing is to just limp into the pot.  You would be surprised at how many players will try to slow play this hand.  Slow playing here is death.  You can make a mistake that not only can cost you from being able to capitalize on this great hand, but it can easily cost you the game.  Here is an example of a player that makes this critical mistake.  Joe is setting on the dealer button, and draws a pair of aces.  All of the other players at the table have called in front of him.  He decides to just call himself.  The flop then brings a J, J, 9.  Oops, Joe just messed up, because if any of his opponents have a jack in their hand, they have got him beat. After wiping the egg off his face, he tries to make a stab at the pot, and throws in a raise.  All of the players at the table fold, except for one.  Man, Joe just watched his mistake cost him a great hand and a lot of his chip stack.  It is too late for him to change his mind.  You do not want to end up in that position.  Raise, raise, raise.  Leave the calls to the weak hands.

Play with caution

The other thing that you want to do is build your chip stack up, while you are waiting for a monster hand to come along.  It is smart to play even if your hand is considered weak.  You just need to play with caution.  If you are only playing good hands, then you are sitting more than playing.  Try to bluff your opponents by throwing in on medium hands.  Make sure that they have some chance of winning before you do.  You are going to want to fold enough to make the others think that you are only playing the good hands.  This will keep them guessing.  Force the boundaries, and make profitable choices.

Use all of the knowledge that you have available to you.  Raise and re-raise your opponents, so that you are ready when the great cards fall in your lap.  Before I go, I want to leave you with one last valuable thought.  Remember that the other poker players at the table are fifty percent likely to call.  If the pot is one hundred dollars, and you bluff them with a twenty dollar bet, even if only one player calls your bluff, you can add at least eighty dollars to your bankroll.  Play as smart as you can, and good luck with the big hands.

If you are a man who loves taking the odd risk and love to win, try your hand at video poker at an online casino. The game is easy to play and it offers huge amounts of money to winners. You never know if you are going to be the next winner until you try the game out. So check out the online poker room to find the best gambling options.

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