How Casino Holdem Offers a Fast Paced and Exciting Style for Traditional Hold’em Players

Most people are familiar with the traditional Texas Hold’em game, which gets a lot of media coverage and has become a staple in gambling. As a result, online poker games have become popular over the years and many players have been able to make a living from them. What most players don’t know is that there’s a new kind of game that has evolved from Texas Hold’em called Casino Holdem.

Casino Holdem is similar to Texas Hold’em but you can make more bets and earn more winnings per deal. The game is faster paced and deals out the turn and river out at once. That means that most of the plays will happen from the initial flop. You can quickly fold your cards and move on to the next deal if the flop doesn’t help you.

What really makes Casino Holdem different is the players play the house rather than other players. The player starts with an ante bet and has the option to make an AA bet. The ante bet (which is your initial bet to play) pays off for certain hands. For example, a royal flush pays 100 to 1, a straight flush 20 to 1, a 4 of a kind 10 to 1, a full house 3 to 1, a flush 2 to 1, and a straight 1 to 1 on your bet.

This AA side bet pays out even on the hands you make. A straight gives you a 7 to 1 payout, a flush gives you 20 to 1 on your money, a 4 of a kind 40 to 1, and a straight flush 50 to 1. Based on these multipliers, you can quickly turn small bets into huge payouts.

Players can choose how risky they want to play. The side AA bet is really where players can make their money because safe small bets can really turn into big profits. A strategy that can be used is to start only with the initial ante bets until you ramp up profits to make AA side bets. In final, Casino Holdem is the perfect game for players that want a faster paced game and are looking for something new.

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